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The 2017 BEJS durable tabbed product information and selection guide is now available from EMSEAL This concise guide is an indispensable tool to become familiar with the Bridge Expansion Joint System

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Jun 20, 2013 · Bridge expansion joints Installation video of the EMSEAL BEJS Installation Video BEJS is ideal for new construction and retrofit of old or failed bridge expansion joint systems:

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Installation Installation PDF for BEJS Bridge Expansion Joint System Installation PDF for BEJS-on-a-Reel (BOR) BEJS is shipped in sticks that measure about 6 ½ feet For sizes ¼” – 1 ¼” it comes on 12 foot reels Because the material is precompressed to fit for the day of install it is one of the easiest systems to install

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The Silicoflex Joint Sealing System is an innovative highway and bridge expansion joint system that is cost effective, easy to install and offers a long, effective sealing life RJW Finger Joints for are cantilevered or simply supported steel tooth bridge expansion joints

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Wabo®TransFlex is the original-reinforced elastomeric molded rubber expansion joint system All sections feature tongue and groove fittings for tight end-to-end… Link » Details; Wabo®Trident Finger Joint Image Product Codes Trident bridge Description Wabo®Trident Finger Joint system expands the use and application of finger joint

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phenomena imposed upon the bridge following installation of its expansion joint devices Concrete shrinkage, thermal variation, and long-term creep are the three most common primary sources of …

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Bridge Deck, Approach to accommodate joint installation Form Material (if present) removed or Traffic Separator Slab, Raised Sidewalk Bridge Deck, Approach Poured Joint Material vary, see Structures Plans) Traffic Separator (Type and width Separator with Poured Joint Approximate shape of Traffic Angle Varies Construction Joint Rod Foam Backer

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Asphaltic plug joint (also referred to as TST bridge joint) for movements up to 40 mm is a simple bridge expansion joint filled with asphalt TST (crushed stone) elastic material is a special type of elastic-plastic material with high viscosity

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Procedure of Installation 1) Joint openings to receive the ORF Compression Seal Expansion Joint System must be clean, dry, sound, relatively smooth and free of voids, ridges, and sharp projections 2) The expansion joint seals must be properly sized for the joint gap opening

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Matrix™ 502 Asphaltic Expansion Bridge Joint Steelflex® Strip Seal Expansion Joint Systems To facilitate seal installation, the DS Brown Company offers a complete line of self-manufactured tools for sale or rental Mark X for seals from 1-5/8 to 2-1/2 inches

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May 10, 2009 · On May 9, 2009 crews installed new 40-ton expansion joints in the I-90 floating bridge express lanes The large steel joints help the bridge flex with the weather, water and traffic

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An expansion joint or movement joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the temperature-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes

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Welcome to Watson Bowman Acme Corp Your Strongest Partner for Expansion Joint Systems As a BASF Construction Chemicals business, WBA proudly offers customized solutions, engineering expertise, and one-to-one customer service for all of your expansion joint needs

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An expansion joint is designed to absorb safely the expansion and contraction of several construction materials, absorb vibrations, and permit soil movements due to earthquakes or ground settlement The expansion joints are normally located between sections of …

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Pour melting asphaltic plug joint material again and cover the crushed stones At the same time, flat them with a plate vibrator and some scrapers In order to prevent sinking, the material in the gap is 1–2 mm high than the surface of bridge Then you it can be adjusted optionally

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Bridge Expansion JointsDSC Zendon cc has equipped ourselves over the years with the ability to manufacture & install all types of Bridge Expansion Joints specified for South Africa and neighbouring countries, which makes us one of the leading Bridge Expansion Joint installers in Southern Africa Prismo Thorma Joints With over 1 million linear

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V-Seal Expansion Joint Systems use a preformed extruded EPDM seal that can be bonded to concrete, steel or elastomeric concrete with a quick setting epoxy adhesive Basic Uses Typical applications include: control joint and expansion joints for both new and rehabilitation projects for bridges, highways, parking structures, stadiums, plazas, water and sewage treatment facilities and …

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Insure joint sealers are compatible with header materials Use primers in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications for both the header installation and seal installation Manufacturer’s representative for the header material must meet with TxDOT and contractor personnel prior to installing the header material per Item 454, “Bridge

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Bridge Expansion Joints How effective are they? Infrastructure Project Management Administration (IPMA) Modular Expansion Joint • Designed to prevent water and debris from damaging • Leaks shortly after installation • Improper seal sizing and installation • Debris and snowplows

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Bridge Expansion Joint Locations Bridge Joint Crappy Old Bridge, Being torn down Fancy New Bridge This Joint is located at An Abutment Bridge Joint Locations Bridge Bridge Joint Another Bridge Joint, way down here Augusta – 3rd Bridge Both these joints are located at abutments

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751131 Expansion Joint Systems 7511311 General The number of movable deck joints in a structure should be minimized or eliminated in favor of the preferred and more commonplace integral bridge construction following the integral bridge maximum construction length limits given in EPG 7511412 Girder Limits and Preferences and EPG 7512214 Span and Structure Lengths

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• Joint failure is a nationwide problem in the United States • Failure is not necessarily caused by the joint material itself but also by careless design, improper installation, and inadequate maintenance

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Polyset is a leader in the design and manufacture of expansion joint systems for the bridge construction industry Expansion joints are imperative to the life-cycle of a bridge; the consequence of failing joints as a result of poor quality or improper installation will severely compromise a bridge’s structural integrity

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Evaluation and Policy for Bridge Deck Expansion Joints and the installation correctly done The XJS joint needs to be evaluated for its long-term Evaluation and Policy for Bridge Deck Expansion Joints 5 Report Date February 2001 6 Performing Organization Code 7 Author(s)

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The Bridge Preservation™ waterproofing, spray applied ballast protection, and joint products are all made from the same coating chemistry, ensuring complete compatibility between the expansion joint and previously installed spray applied ballast protection mat

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Bridge expansion joints are also designed to allow sufficient vertical movement so that bearings can be replaced without needing to disassemble the expansion joint Freyssinet has been installing expansion joints to structures all over the world for more than 40 years

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Polyset is a leader in the design and manufacture of expansion joint systems for the bridge construction industry Expansion joints are imperative to the life-cycle of a bridge; the consequence of failing joints as a result of poor quality or improper installation will severely compromise a bridge’s structural integrity

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The minimum joint opening at installation of the seal shall not be less than 060W C The skew angle should not exceed 30° The joint size required equals the total movement along the centerline of bridge 2 Type 2 Joints: The joint size required equals the larger of: Expansion joint devices are designed to accomodate structure

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Expansion Joint Installation Ekspan supply an extensive range of mechanical and elastomeric expansion joints and seal joints, where the majority have Highways England SA-1 accredited approval Ekspan's skilled site engineers have been installing expansion joints for more than 20 years

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37 The expansion joint system and bridge deck steel reinforcement shall be 38 detailed to assure that adequate concrete consolidation can be achieved 39 underneath all support boxes 40 41 The expansion joint seals shall not protrude above the top of the expansion 42 joint system under any service condition

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The bridge expansion joint range of products cater for movements of 12mm-1600mm and include Britflex BEJ which is the most popular joint used on the UK’s motorway and trunk road network with over one hundred thousand linear metres currently in use